We love making people happy.cookies

Whether it is classic bittersweet chocolate chip, snickerdoodle, oatmeal cranberry or perhaps something even sweeter. Tell us your favorite childhood cookie and we will make it into a divinely delicious GF Love Cake treat. But not to worry, you will never be able to taste the difference.

Brownies packed with nutritional perks.

Lovecakes has created a super special coveted recipe for our blondies and brownies like none other. These moist fudgy bites are packed with flavor and nutrients like omega threes, zinc, vitamin C and many of the B vitamins.

BrowniesMay we tempt with:

Bentley Brownie Bites– double fudge brownies with chocolate chips
Blondie Bites-classic blondies with chocolate chips
Blonde Love Bites– fudge brownies with cream cheese frosting


Personalized gifts with style.

Lovecakes custom Monogrammed Cookies are the perfect combination of light buttery flavor and sweetness that bring style to any occasion.

Call us to place your order at 646-801-4702 or e-mail . We would love to create whatever your heart most desires.